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10 Vital Video Statistics You Should Know


Devin Alexander


May 21, 2021

Since my first day in the professional world, I knew that the most important thing to base your work on is statistics

Statistics tell the true story of a company, its production areas, delivery, etc. When I started in media production and advertising I couldn't find a better way to convince someone to incorporate the company's services into their business when I used statistics. Verified and true numbers. 

I often study updates on the year's statistics relating to video versus text-based marketing to see how the sands are shifting. Here are some of the more interesting ones I've found.

1) According to Implix, a cold email with a video has an increased click-through rate of up to 96%

I understand why this is true. Individuals on the receiving end of an email will likely click away if they see ten paragraphs from someone they don't know. However, send me a brief message and a video, and I would watch it, and most likely be engaged.

2) Per LinkedIn, landing pages that include videos have an 80% higher conversion rate. 

Have you ever been to a website that is a dozen or so tabs of just reading material? Kind of boring if you ask me. Well-made and to-the-point videos on a landing page will capture attention. Of course, include text to further elaborate on the offering in case the video isn't enough, but a video is a king in this scenario. 

3) Insivia tells us that viewers retain 95% of the information from a video compared to only 10% from the text.

By now you might see the recurring theme. Video engages better than text. But there's more.

4) 65% of executives visit a website and 39% call a vendor after watching a video, according to Forbes.

Video is not simply more engaging, they are more effective at delivering a message that connects. This is key when formulating a sales strategy.

5) Having a video on your site makes it 53% more likely to end up on the first page of Google.

Organic reach is extended when you include videos on a website or landing page, this is useful information when you want to boost your presence on particular topics relating to your product or service that individuals will search about. This next statistic is a personal favorite of mine.

6) LinkedIn tells us that 62% of consumers are more likely to have a negative perception of a brand that published a poor-quality video. 

Don't think, "I just need a video," this concept can be deadly. Aim to produce a video that will genuinely positively engage consumers, hit their pain points, and lead to real solutions to their problems. The quality of the video shoot, or animation, is important, but the spoken words in the video are more important.

7) According to Cisco, every second, 17,000 hours of video content will cross global IP networks by 2021.

There may be billions of videos being updated per day, but you'd be surprised by the number of one-to-one sales strategies that lack video content. You have a chance to be unique in your market and engage your prospects in a way your competitors cannot.

8) Aberdeen says that businesses using video grow their company revenue 49% faster, year-over-year, than businesses that don't use video.

If any statistic would convince someone to incorporate video into their sales strategy, it's this one. I don't know of any business on Earth that wouldn't want to grow 49% faster than the competition. 

9) According to Online Publishers Association, 80% of users recall a video ad they viewed in the past 30 days.

An engaged viewer will remember it. Like I mentioned in number (6) above, quality and effectiveness matter quite a lot when producing a video.

10) 96% of B2B organizations use video in their marketing campaigns and 73% report positive results, according to a survey conducted by ReelSEO.

Now I'm not sure if you might be in the 4% that aren't using video in your sales or marketing strategies, or maybe you are a part of the 96% but your videos just aren't biting. 

Either way, let's talk. We want to help you create a flawless sales strategy with video and advertising that will engage your customers and bring them into your sales cycle already warmed up and ready to close. 

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